Daily D – Proverbs 24:27

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Proverbs 24:27   
Complete your outdoor work, and prepare your field; 
afterward, build your house. (CSB)

Put your outdoor work in order 
and get your fields ready; 
after that, build your house. (NIV)

Do your planning and prepare your fields 
before building your house. (NLT)

First plant your fields; 
then build your barn. (MSG)

There are a number of truths we learn to operate by as we grow in wisdom. Here are a few applications from this simple saying:

– Keep first things first. 
– Know the proper order of operations. 
– Think long and short. 
– Know where you are destined.
– Take the necessary lead measures and next steps. 

Every project has an intended objective and key results. The more projects we manage over time, the better we become at predetermining the desired outcomes.

Every project requires a postmortem, or in military terms, an after-action report. We have been told that experience is not the best teacher, and this is true. Evaluated experience is a wise guide for future improvement. Four simple questions from the late Tom Paterson and his StratOp process teach us abundant lessons and provide necessary insights for preferred outcomes in the future:

– What’s Right? (Optimize)
– What’s Wrong? (Change)
– What’s Confused? (Clarify)
– What’s Missing? (Add)

Every project also needs a premortem. This is where we ask a good, hard question based on what we learn project by project: If we fail six months from now, why did we fail?

This masterful question teaches us to look beyond what we want to happen to what we can reasonably expect to happen. Too often, hopes and dreams are built into project planning without the necessary infrastructure to pave the way toward successful outcomes. 

A good coaching question in one-on-one conversations and with teams planning their work is, “Is this an outcome you hope will happen, or is this an outcome you have plans and experience to achieve?”

Hopes and dreams unmoored to sound planning and proper execution can lead to costly failure.

Success comes one step at a time. Take your best next steps in the right order. Plan your work and work your plan. 

I will plan ahead and take my best next step.

Our Father, you who direct our steps, show us the way we should go. Teach us how to plan ahead. Train us how to learn from our losses and our wins. Remind us to reflect when projects are concluded. Protect us from being deluded about what we want and how we achieve it. Amen. 


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