Daily D – Jeremiah 1:9

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Jeremiah 1:9  Then the Lord reached out his hand, touched my mouth, and told me: “I have now filled your mouth with my words.” (CSB)

It’s Sunday, the day we gather for worship with our church families, our brothers and sisters in Christ who join their voices with ours in praise and thanksgiving. Together, we express our love for God. We enjoy one another and learn how we should now live in the light of God’s truth and grace.

This opening chapter of Jeremiah teaches us how to pray for our pastors. The verse above provides good guidance. I was a pastor for twenty years and preached just about every Sunday. One of my regular prayers was based on this verse. I asked God to put his thoughts in my mind and his words in my mouth. 

Take a moment and pray for your pastor and any other pastors you know. Ask God to put his thoughts in their minds and his words in their mouths. Write these pastors from time to time to let them know you are praying for them. Encourage them in their preparation and delivery of messages from God.

Likewise, ask God to speak to you every time you read the Bible and each time you attend worship. Ask him also for the strength and devotion to turn his instructions into aligned behavior. Invite him to shape your life. 

My friend John is filling in for our mutual friend Wesley this morning. Wesley recently had surgery and needs a few more weeks of recovery. Pray for John as he stands in today. Pray for Wesley as he recovers. 

I will ask God to empower his faithful proclaimers with words of truth and grace and that he would place his thoughts in their minds and his words in their mouths.

Our Father, empower your faithful proclaimers today with words of truth and grace. Fill their minds with your thoughts and their mouths with your words. Give those of us who listen to them willing and obedient hearts to live lives shaped by your grace and strengthened by your Spirit. Amen.


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