Daily D – Luke 1:18

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Luke 1:18  Zechariah asked the angel, “How can I be sure of this? I am an old man and my wife is well along in years.” (NIV)

“Trust, but verify,” as President Ronald Reagan said, is a wise policy. Be quick to listen and learn. Be just as quick to question and seek evidence. Unless God says it. Then all you have to do is trust and obey.

No one should blame Zechariah for asking for evidence or confirmation. He had two good reasons. 

Reason one: “I am an old man.” 

Reason two: “My wife is well along in years.”

Zechariah was a wise man. He said, “I am old.” Then he said, “My wife is well along in years.” He did not say, “Elizabeth is old.” If you want to know how old a woman is, find a different intellectual pursuit. 

Some news sounds too good to be true. When heaven and earth embrace, when his kingdom comes and his will is done, truth and life are one. 

When God has a will, he makes a way. Old men and women advanced in years relearn how to laugh and how to play.

Sometimes silence is the only response to news so good noone would believe it anyway. 

Some things are worth waiting for like confirmation of truth, like special names, like late-life babies born to higher purpose. 

Some things make hearts beat faster, babies to leap in wombs, and time to stand still. 

Some moments are so holy, so transcendent, so filled with wonder, awe and praise flow unprompted. 

Some songs are sung before they are penned.

Some poetry flows from a heart overfilled with heaven. 

Here is verification of God on the move, God at work, God redeeming, God loving the old, the aging, the very young, and the very you.

I will sing songs of praise and my voice I will raise because God is moving in extraordinary ways.

Our Father, you whose voice has been described as sounding like many waters, you give us a song. Make us troubadours of your grace, love, and mercy. Sing through our souls your beautiful lyrics of hope, life, and wonder. As you rejoice over us with singing, may we rejoice in you in reply with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. May we never question you again. Instead, may we add our voices the chorus of grateful souls who know and sing your song. Amen. 


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