Daily D – Luke 2:22

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Luke 2:22  When the time came for the purification rites required by the Law of Moses, Joseph and Mary took him to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord. (NIV)

Is there anything more delightful than a healthy baby? Does anything warm your heart more than a baby’s smile or first chuckle? Jesus was a baby like that. 

This has been a busy day. We spent several hours in the car and several more with my parents and other relatives. We are now awaiting the last of the crew who are assembling here. They should arrive within a half hour. Sadly, three others are far away on the East Coast. 

My bride has worked nonstop since we arrived home moments after the Cowboys beat the Eagles. Sausage rolls and cinnamon rolls will roll out hot and fresh in the morning as our guests arise and prepare for gifts and laughter. 

I wonder what it was like to see Jesus smile for the first time? What did it do to Joseph’s heart when this little baby looked at him with recognition and delight? 

How did Mary respond to the exquisite joys of fifteen pounds of perfection knowing her, loving her, and drawing both laughter and tears day by day?

Our newest granddaughter is four-and-a-half months old. She looked at me and smiled the kind of smile tonight where I told her she could ask me for anything and it would be hers. 

Our older granddaughter chatted with us via FaceTime while she opened the ninth of ten presents her grandmother selected and sent to make this a memorable Christmas. She got to see her grandmother and baby cousin, and her aunt and uncle. I was driving and out of the picture. She asked, “Where’s Granddad?” It’s good to be missed.

I do so hope there are little ones where you are tonight. I hope tomorrow morning is a special delight. I hope you laugh your way through the day tomorrow. I hope you remember how God chose to show you how much he loves you that he sent a baby, a baby who learned to smile, chuckle, and take hesitating steps toward a special future. 

I hope you get to help the little ones in your life prepare for special futures. I hope you introduce them to Jesus, God with Us, who came the way we all arrive. 

I hope you make memories you will fondly recall for the rest of your life and beyond. 

I hope you meet the God of all hope who is the Creator of babies and smiles and chuckles and every other good and perfect gift.

I will see Jesus in every smile, hear him in every laugh, and welcome him at all times.

Our Father, thank you for simple joys that remind us of how good you are. Thank you for precious little ones. Thank you for blessing us with loving smiles and shared laughter. Amen. 


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