Daily D – Mark 11:20-21

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Mark 11:20, 21  Early in the morning, as they were passing by, they saw the fig tree withered from the roots up. Then Peter remembered and said to him, “Rabbi, look! The fig tree that you cursed has withered.”. (CSB)

I learned to love Bradford pear trees years ago. These trees bloom beautifully this time of year. The blooms smell like death, but they are lovely to behold. Several states outlaw these trees and offer suggestions of other flowering trees to replace them. 

Why do I like Bradford pear trees rather than another variety like the Bartlett pear? Because we had an extremely productive pear tree in our yard in one of the parsonages where we lived. We’re talking about an endless supply of rotting fruit. The Bradford bloom odor is nothing compared to dozens of rotting pears in the hot Texas sun. Worse, those pears had to be picked up again and again and again. 

I can tolerate a green pear. Ripe ones offend me to the depths of my soul. Eating a ripe pear, to me, is like slicing an apple and pouring a dusting of beach sand on it before biting into it. 

I don’t like pears or fruit-bearing pear trees. 

When Jesus cursed the fig tree on Monday of Holy Week, Peter and the boys noticed it was completely shriveled the next day. That fruitless tree was an apt symbol of the fruitless religiosity of what was supposed to be the religious capital of the world. 

In the place where God was to be known and experienced with reverence, awe, and worship, the atmosphere was more akin to a carnival with an endless supply of people ready to separate you from your money. There were also the austere religionists who ran the place and made sure everyone knew who was in charge of their little slice of heaven on earth.

Jesus looked at the proceedings and cleaned things up. (See Mark 11:15-19.) He saw fruitless activity in all the coming and going and buying and selling. Fruitless discipleship is to Jesus as ripe pears are to me. 

Jesus wants for us a deep and abiding relationship with himself. This kind of life is fruitful and effective. John 15 amplifies this idea. Two characteristics overflow in abundance from those who abide in Christ. His love and his joy permeate fruitful lives. 

May our lives overflow with the aroma of Jesus. May his joy bring delight to everyone we meet. May others be drawn to his beauty and wonder as he becomes ever more evident in our lives.

I will cultivate a deep and abiding walk with Jesus.

Our Father, draw me nearer. Overflow my life with your goodness. Bless me with a fruitful and effective life. Amen. 


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