Daily D – Psalm 128:1-4

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Psalm 128:1-4
How happy is everyone who fears the LORD, 
who walks in his ways! 
You will surely eat 
what your hands have worked for. 
You will be happy, 
and it will go well for you. 
Your wife will be like a fruitful vine 
within your house, 
your children, like young olive trees 
around your table. 
In this very way 
the man who fears the LORD 
will be blessed. (CSB)

My bride and I celebrated our thirty-ninth wedding anniversary a couple of days ago. We enjoyed dining together and calling to memory treasures only we two share. A friend sang a song entitled _Happy Family_ during our wedding ceremony. This psalm reminds me of that song. 

Husbands, wives, and children grow together and together walk with God. God blesses them individually and as a family. 

The married couple knows their first and most important relationships and work are at home. 

This is Mother’s Day. There are many beautiful Bible verses and passages about mothers. Recollection does not include this psalm among Mother’s Day sermons I’ve heard or preached across the years. Consider what it says about Mom. Husbands and wives work together to build a happy family. Mom is fruitful, which leads to the fruitfulness of their children. 

Mothers have been called the Heartbeat of our Home and the Sunshine of Our Lives, among other uplifting titles of honor and respect. There are many moms in our lives, and several in our family stand out for their strength and accomplishments. What a joy to celebrate them today.

My mother will travel back to Texas on Tuesday. Our older daughter will lay to rest her mother-in-law on Tuesday. My bride and our younger daughter will be there to share in this season of grief and loss. I will take my mother to eat the first good Mexican food she has had since she moved to Virginia to live with her sister. 

Blessed is the extended family with multiple moms. Blessed is the family who gathers in loving embrace on this special day. 

Let us worship God and celebrate Mom today. Let us thank God for mothers who build beautiful homes and shape fruitful families. 

I will thank God for the wonderful mothers in my life.

Our Father, thank you for my mother. Thank you that we get to celebrate her in person beginning on Tuesday. Thank you for the mother whose heart is on full display each day here in our home. Thank you for our daughters and daughter-in-law who live honorable lives worthy of celebration. Thank you for those mothers near us in the journey who help nurture and navigate us as if we were their own children. Thank you for this psalm that reminds us to notice and to declare the high value of motherhood. Amen. 


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