Daily D – Psalm 147:1-2

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Psalm 147:1, 2  Praise the Lord! How good to sing praises to our God! How delightful and how fitting! The Lord is rebuilding Jerusalem and bringing the exiles back to Israel. (NLT)

God is in the restoration business. This is true for individuals, families, and nations. It is true for educational institutions and maybe even baseball teams. 

How could we not join the psalmist in singing when God works his restoring, transformational grace into our lives? Singing God’s praises in seasons of restoration is natural and refreshing. 

Take a good look at your life. What is there that leads your thoughts toward praise? What do you need to thank God for? 

I wrote a single sentence in my gratitude journal last night. I could have written more, but I began and ended with this: The Rangers beat the Astros to move on to the World Series. 

This is less about sports than it appears. Dad died a month ago. He was not interested in wearing a suit when he was laid to rest. He wanted to be buried in his Texas Rangers shirt. And so he was. 

Some of my earliest memories of Dad involve baseball. He taught me how to throw, catch, and hit. He taught me how to analyze every situation in a game. He taught me how to control my emotions. He taught me all this and more.

I took Dad to a game at Minute Maid Park when we lived in the Houston area. Our son and I took him to a game at The Ballpark in Arlington when we returned to the Metroplex. A photo of the three of us with the playing field in the background was one of his favorites. That day was one of his treasured memories. We went to the Opening Day game one year when it was painfully cold. Fortunately, the Rangers now play indoors with the roof closed on days like that. 

Forgive an aging man who just lost his father, but last night’s win, no disrespect to the Astros or their fans, provided a bit of healing and comfort to my sad soul. Sometimes God combines memories and moments in his work of restoration. 

Today is a good day to laugh and sing, to praise and thank God. Tears are also permitted. It’s amazing how often they accompany the most meaningful moments of our lives. They are part and parcel of God’s restoring grace. 

I will laugh and sing, praise and thank God, and I will weep when I feel both joy and pain.

Our Father, restore my soul with your transforming grace. Amen. 


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