Daily D – 2 Corinthians 5:9

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2 Corinthians 5:9  So we make it our goal to please him, whether we are at home in the body or away from it. (NIV)

What is the single most important goal of your life? 

This requires an assessment of life roles. The four main roles in my life are these:

* Our Father’s Son
* World’s Foremost Expert (in my wife and kids)
* Life Story Maximizer
* Restorative Recreator

There are sub-roles flowing from each of these four main storylines. There are also sub-roles for each sub-role. When I stop each week and assess what went right, what went wrong, what was confused, and what was missing, I do so starting with these top four roles. Most of my life story – the good, the bad, and the ugly – is told in these roles. 

When I look at these top-level roles through the lens of 2 Corinthians 5:9, I have to straightforwardly ask and honestly answer, 

* Have I pleased God in my walk with him? 
* Have I deepened and broadened my expertise in my family?
* Have I helped others live the life of God’s dreams for them?
* Have I engaged in restorative recreation?

The quality and value of my life are determined by how fully I express alignment and attunement with God in each of these storylines. 

What are your top roles and goals?

* What is your role and goal for knowing and experiencing God day by day?
* What is your role and goal for serving your family?
* What is your role and goal for your work?
* What is your role and goal for recreation?

These ideas and questions help us reflect on weeks as they go by. They also help us plan for the week ahead. This takes around fifteen minutes a week. 

At the end of each quarter, look back at the thirteen weekly reports. 

* What are the trends?
* What needs more attention?
* What adjustments are necessary?
* Who can help you make the most of your next opportunities?

At the end of each year and the doorstep of the New Year, 

* What victories will you build on? 
* What setbacks will you overcome?
* What new thing will you accomplish?
* What old thing will you improve?

The Apostle Paul tells us here the number one goal of life is to please God. This includes knowing and experiencing him and helping others do the same. This means living the life he designed for you which is better than any you could design for yourself. This leads to deeply investing in the people, work, and restoration essential for what constitutes the good life. 

Take a moment now and create a simple plan for when you will assess the week gone by and plan the one ahead. Block this time on your calendar. Do the same kind of calendar blocking for the weekly, quarterly, and annual reviews ahead for the next two years. 

It is amazing how making it our goal to please God makes life so much better in every storyline of our lives.

I will make it my goal to please God in every storyline of my life.

Our Father, in my walk with you, in my home and family, in my work, and in my recreation, I want to please you. I want to honor you and serve others. I want to know you and experience you in ever-deeper fellowship and friendship. I want to overflow with your goodness and grace in all places and at all times. Amen.


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