Daily D – Exodus 22:22-24

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Exodus 22:22-24  “You must not exploit a widow or an orphan. If you exploit them in any way and they cry out to me, then I will certainly hear their cry. My anger will blaze against you, and I will kill you with the sword. Then your wives will be widows and your children fatherless.” (NLT)

Whose side are you on? If your side does not include widows and orphans, you are in deep peril. How we treat the most vulnerable among us is a sign to the whole world about our character. 

Again and again in the pages of the Bible, we see God protecting the most vulnerable. Again and again, we receive instructions to join him in this compassionate care. Again and again, we hear God’s warnings to those who do not care for the most vulnerable. 

God says, “If you exploit them in any way and they cry out to me, then I will certainly hear their cry. My anger will blaze against you, and I will kill you with the sword.” It is wise not to kindle God’s blazing anger against you. 

Let’s step one step further: Not exploiting the most vulnerable is half of the story. The other half is joining God in helping them with what they need. The vast majority of people would never choose to harm the most vulnerable. However, neither do they practice any kind of generosity to improve the plight of the most vulnerable. 

What one thing can you do or give regularly to protect, defend, and provide for the most vulnerable? 

If you ever wanted assurance you are doing God’s will, here is a surefire pathway to that end.

I will serve the most vulnerable among us.

Our Father, you have blessed us to be a blessing. Show us how we can live fruitfully and effectively by joining you in protecting, defending, and providing for those who are most vulnerable. Thank you for the high privilege of joining you in this work. Amen.


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