Daily D – Exodus 8:9

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Exodus 8:9   “You set the time!” Moses replied. “Tell me when you want me to pray for you, your officials, and your people. Then you and your houses will be rid of the frogs. They will remain only in the Nile River.” (NLT)

Moses started doing what he said he couldn’t do. He began taking the lead in the conversations with Pharaoh. What has God asked you to do that you are not yet doing? What will it take for you to join Moses in the Reluctant Prophet line, the “Why did I wait so long,” line, the “What was I so afraid of” line?

God provides where he guides. He does not provide courage and confidence when we lag behind. He does not provide when our obedience is tepid and limited. If you want to know the power of God, step into the arena where that power is required. 

It took Moses a while to warm up to his role. He who started so sheepishly (ahem) as a shepherd at Sinai, who begged for God to send someone else, anyone else, now demonstrated a God-confidence bigger than big. When we see God for who he is, we are less and less intimidated or charmed by those who are presented as powerful. 

God had turned his full attention to his people (2:24). He remembered his promises. It was now time to act. No hard-hearted potentate would stand in his way. He could throw up his godly defenses once, twice, up to ten times, and they would not be enough to interfere with God’s purpose to deliver his people. 

Nothing would stand in God’s way of saving those he loved. No desert. No sea. No wilderness. No lack of water. No lack of food. No, nothing would prevent God from keeping his promises and saving his people.

Pharaoh could bow up in all the power he could muster and martial. It didn’t matter. Pharaoh’s curtain call was coming soon. God would defeat the gods. Set ‘em up. He’ll knock ‘em down. 

A cautionary tale: Defiantly choosing your way instead of following God’s way is the best way to end up in complete ruin. 

An invitation: Trust God from the bottom of your heart (Proverbs 3:5). Waterways become highways. Deserts are drenched in manna. Rocks produce water. Clothes do not wear out. Feet do not swell. The expedition of a lifetime begins at the moment when we step out in faith.

I will let go of reluctance and step forward in faith.

Our Father, please forgive my tepid participation. Empower me to take the next step that declares I am all in. Amen. 


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