Daily D – Ezra 8:31-32

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Ezra 8:31, 32  On the twelfth day of the first month we set out from the Ahava Canal to go to Jerusalem. The hand of our God was on us, and he protected us from enemies and bandits along the way. So we arrived in Jerusalem, where we rested three days. (NIV)

Work from a place of rest rather than resting from work. This is how to work smarter and better. This is how to rest well. 

As important as was Ezra’s work, it required a rested body and a focused mind. 

How would our lives and our work be enriched if our default position was honoring God by living as he intends for us to do beginning with energetic bodies and thoughtful activity?

When can you, and will you, schedule three days off to honor God with rest and recovery, praise and preparation? This is not wasted time. This is wisdom in action, faith deeply and thoughtfully applied. 

Today is Sunday. How will you honor God with worship and rest? How will you prepare for the week ahead? Will you awaken on Monday with a fatigue hangover? Or will you arise with purpose in every step?

I will worship and rest before I work.

Our Father, give us the self-discipline we need for worship and rest. Amen. 


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