Daily D – Genesis 25:7-8

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The Bible translation I will use this year is the New Living Translation. I will use the New International Version, the English Standard Version, the Christian Standard Bible, and The Message for comparison.

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Genesis 25:7, 8 
Abraham lived for 175 years, and he died at a ripe old age, having lived a long and satisfying life. He breathed his last and joined his ancestors in death. (NLT)

This is the length of Abraham’s life: 175 years. He took his last breath and died at a good old age, old and contented, and he was gathered to his people. (CSB)

If you live to be one hundred years old, will people say about you what is written about Abraham? Will your life have been both long and satisfying? What will you do between now and your one-hundredth birthday to make your life satisfying to both you and our Father in heaven?

How did Abraham make it to 175? Maybe it was all that walking he did. And remember, he didn’t really get going until he was seventy-five years old (Genesis 12:4). Most of us are younger than that. 

However long you live, live well. Since this life we now live is a bit like the kindergarten of eternity, it would be good if we learned how to obey our teacher and get along with others. It would be wise if we learn how to share. 

I sat with a man years ago who was the leading citizen of his community. He had always been a man others looked up to because of his character and accomplishments from his youngest days. He passed away a couple of decades ago, but everyone in that town still knows his name. 

We sat together that day on the porch of a nursing home. He was uncharacteristically alone. He did not have much to say. His life had been his message. No church in town was large enough to host his funeral. Grown men wept without shame. 

Abraham’s life as recorded in Genesis comes with few conversations. We have many more reports of his activity and the results of what he did. Genesis 18:16 and following shows us something of Abraham’s character as he intercedes for Lot and his family in Sodom. 

The late Rabbi Jonathan Sacks wrote about this event and wondered what would have happened to the whole world if Noah had prayed like Abraham. What if we lived and prayed like Abraham? 

Today is a good day to maximize your life by walking with God and praying about what you see and hear while obeying God’s instructions for what to do in response. If we learn how to do this well, then no matter how old we are when we die, people will be able to say we lived a satisfying life.

I will walk with God and talk with God and follow his directions.

Our Father, open my eyes to see and my ears to hear as I go through this day. What do you want me to see? How do you want me to respond? Amen. 


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