Daily D – John 12:21

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John 12:21  They came to Philip, who was from Bethsaida in Galilee, with a request. “Sir,” they said, “we would like to see Jesus.” (NIV)

There is one request every one of us should express. There is one reflection each of us should show. There is one daily checkup we should give ourselves. 

A magazine headline caught my attention this morning. It asked, “Why are so many Christian leaders narcissists?”


More Jesus, please (John 3:30).

A leadership coach training event this week introduced me to a new friend from Sweden who has adopted two children from Nepal. She works in a company where a couple of her closest coworkers are narcissists. She has a hard time helping them see the value in other people’s ideas. They love themselves so much that they have a hard time attributing any significant value to the ideas of others.

One of those coworkers recently experienced “something of a spiritual awakening,” my new friend said. He is more open to new ideas. He is beginning to listen better. There is new hope for more significant progress in the work they do for their company. 

Jesus asked powerful questions. Jesus listened deeply to how people responded. He blessed every open heart. 

The Greeks who came to Philip asking to see Jesus (verse 20) may have come to thank him for what he did earlier in the day when he cleansed the temple courts set aside for their worship. (See Mark 11:15-17.) Before he did that, it was practically impossible for them to pray without the clutter and clatter of a dozen businesses going on around them.

In the course of a lifetime, we should adopt the attitude of these Greeks. We should want to see Jesus, to see him for who he really is. Coming to know and experience him, we should then reflect him so well that others may see him for who he really is in us. Knowing people need more Jesus and less of us, we should evaluate ourselves every evening for how well we reflected him in what we said and did. 

We are rolling our way toward the sunrise at this moment. When we roll on toward dusk and dark and bedtime and we reflect on our day, how well will we be able to say we reflected Jesus in every way?

People need Jesus ever so much more than they need me. He is who I want everyone to see when they look at me. 

I will reflect Jesus.

Our Father, deliver us from our narcissistic tendencies. May the grace and goodness of Jesus shine in everything we say and do. May others see Jesus in us. Amen. 


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