Daily D – Psalm 36:9

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Psalm 36:9  
For you are the fountain of life, the light by which we see. (NLT)

You’re a fountain of cascading light, and you open our eyes to light. (MSG)

Sources are important. This is true in academia. This is true in government. This is true in family history. This is true in faith. King David reminds us here of the source of every good and perfect gift. Our Father in heaven gives us the gifts of life and light. 

Today in worship, there is a good chance of singing about light and life. The images King David uses in this psalm, and so many others, ring true every day. God is the fountain of life, its ultimate and immediate source. He opens our eyes to see physically and metaphorically. 

Ponder God as the fountain of life. Consider his gift of light. One day is not enough to think all of these thoughts. Today is a good day, however, to enjoy thinking about these special gifts. 

The more we think about these things, the more we are prone to worship, to sing, to experience awe and wonder. This is especially good on days like today when we gather to express our love to God. This is especially good on days like tomorrow when we get to bear this life and light everywhere we go. 

I will immerse myself in the goodness of God’s gifts of life and light. 

Our Father, it is by your goodness and grace that we live and see. Empower us to really live and to truly see. Enhance our purpose and delight in living and seeing. Receive our grateful worship and ever-closer communion. Amen. 


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