Daily D – Psalm 50:14-15

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Psalm 50:14, 15 

      “Sacrifice thank offerings to God, 
         fulfill your vows to the Most High, 
      and call on me in the day of trouble; 
         I will deliver you, and you will honor me.”

My bride and I were listening to a playlist on my iPhone recently when Pomp and Circumstance began playing. Yes, the iPod feature of my phone is filled with eclectic treasures of an endless variety. Some have even said, “Dave, you have the best iPod ever!” Well, I have said it and fully agree with the statement. 

Read this psalm from the beginning and it sounds like it deserves a Pomp and Circumstance soundtrack. Verse 1 begins this way:

The Mighty One, God, the LORD,
speaks and summons the earth
from the rising of the sun to where it sets.

This is majestic language. The songwriter, Asaph, placed three names of God together to amplify the psalm’s beginning. How great is our God! He is supreme above and beyond all things! He is Creator! He is Deliverer!

Asaph’s song echoes the solemnity and awe of when God laid down The Law (Exodus 19:16; 20:18). Hear and feel the rumble of the thunder. Sense the hair on your arms and neck stand at attention. Notice the pounding of your heart. God is here, and he is not silent.

This is the establishing shot for the first thirteen verses of this psalm. Then we arrive here at verses 14 and 15. The dramatic score moves into more soothing, comforting tones. More strings; fewer drums. More woodwinds; less brass. There is the sound of a gentle blowing, a still, small voice. 

Our Father in heaven speaks with characteristic kindness and limitless love.  

Spread for me a banquet of praise,
serve High God a feast of kept promises,
And call for help when you’re in trouble—
I’ll help you, and you’ll honor me.

(The Message) 

Listen carefully to what God says. He is less interested in us attempting to match his majestic intensity and more interested in a relationship overflowing with thanksgiving and trust. Derek Kidner says it this way: “These are the sacrifices (cf. Heb. 13:15) and this is the glory—not pomp but love—which he most desires.” (Derek Kidner, Psalms 1–72: An Introduction and Commentary, vol. 15, Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1973), 205.)

We honor God when we see him for who he is (verses 1-13) and thank him for all he does (verses 14, 15; Philippians 4:6, 7). 

It is always good to look to listen all the way to the end. This is especially true in this psalm. Here is verse 23: 

“But giving thanks is a sacrifice that truly honors me.
If you keep to my path,
I will reveal to you the salvation of God.”

(New Living Translation)
Thank God.
Walk with God.
Know the salvation of God.

I will offer the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving as I walk and talk with God day by day.

Our Father, it will take all day to thank you for all you have done this morning. It will take a lifetime to thank you for all you have done most recently. It will take all eternity to thank you for your daily kindness and endless goodness to me. Thank you for this long walk, this long talk, this long eternity to share. Amen. 


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