Daily D – 1 Chronicles 27:32-34

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1 Chronicles 27:32-34  Jonathan, David’s uncle, was a wise counselor to the king, a man of great insight, and a scribe. Jehiel the Hacmonite was responsible for teaching the king’s sons. Ahithophel was the royal adviser. Hushai the Arkite was the king’s friend. Ahithophel was succeeded by Jehoiada son of Benaiah and by Abiathar. Joab was commander of the king’s army. (NLT)

Isolation is a leader’s constant temptation and devoted enemy. The best leadership is provided by teams, not by individuals. Individuals have blind spots and weaknesses. Teams see the big picture and the details, the vision and the mission. Who are your closest friends and advisors?

There are a lot of people named in 1 Chronicles 23-27. It’s easy to get tired of reading all of those names. It’s good to know each person named was in his position because of demonstrated ability and how it connected with the abilities of others. Connected leaders have a multiplying effect. 

There are a handful of choice leaders King David kept close. There are some people we cannot lead without. These are those we trust more than we trust ourselves. 

Consider the leaders King David trusted to tell him the truth; leaders he knew would not simply tell him what he wanted to hear, but told him what he needed to know. First was a man David had known his whole life. Uncle Jonathan lived up to his name, which means God’s Gracious Gift. Saul’s son, who was David’s best friend while he was alive, was also named Jonathan. It’s good to have people who are God’s Gracious Gifts in your life, no matter their names.

Uncle Jonathan managed a storehouse of memories to refer to when he provided counsel to his nephew, the king. Who better to help David remember where he came from? He could help David untie the knots of the past and their enduring effects. He likely came closest to valuing the same things David valued. He was a writer. Aren’t you glad David learned what Uncle Jonathan modeled? What would we do without his poetry and songs?

Jehiel was entrusted with the job of educating the king’s sons. He had a lot of sons, you may recall. Princes can be a bit self-important and competitive. Who would you give the job of educating future government officials, including the future king? Jehiel was likely a no-nonsense man with an outstanding intellect.

Ahithophel was the royal advisor. He knew not only what to do but why to do it and why and when. Knowing what to do is never enough. The motive is as important as the action. The timing of the action is as important as why we take it. If you remember the end of Ahithophel’s story, then you remember it took two people to replace him, Jehoiada and Abiathar. 

Joab was the commander of the army. He was as tough as nails and as mean as a snake. He was hardheaded, stiff-necked, and exceedingly capable. He was not, however, David’s friend. That title fell to Hushai the Arkite. Finding a true friend is like finding an extra life. I don’t remember who gets the credit for this saying, but I heard the long-time pastor of Park Cities Baptist Church say it on one of his television commercials years ago. 

Who are your Top Five friends and advisors? Who makes you better than you are? Who loves you enough not to be impressed with you? Who has the institutional memory to help you avoid missteps and to step up to your responsibilities at the right time for the right reasons?

One thing King David never said was, “It’s lonely at the top.” He knew what we must learn as soon as possible: We are only as lonely as we choose to be. Lonely leaders trip over their own liabilities. 

Never lead alone.

I will depend on wise friends and colleagues to empower me to live a more fruitful and effective life. 

Our Father, thank you for filling my life with wonderful people who make me better than I could be on my own. Thank you for wise counsel, necessary confrontation, patient instruction, and enduring friendship. Make me the kind of friend to others I have in these exemplary leaders and friends. Amen. 


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