Daily D – 1 Kings 19:12

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1 Kings 19:12  And after the earthquake there was a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire there was the sound of a gentle whisper. (NLT)

“If you want to capture someone’s attention, whisper.” 

This quote from Andrew Stanton was used to market perfume in 1978. It was an effective advertising campaign. How effective? Some of us still remember it forty-five years later.

Powerful wind, shaking ground, and blazing flames are powerful messengers. God’s message did not come to Elijah through those mighty messengers. Elijah had to lean in to listen to God’s gentle whisper. God’s powerful words of truth, life, and commission do not require a shout. True authority is compelling even when expressed in gentle and lowly utterance. 

Too often, we want God to be as bossy as we are. Bossiness is not godliness.

Too often, we increase volume to match our perceived authority. Higher volume makes us harder to hear. 

Too often, we create spectacular accompaniment to give our message heft. Simple truth is most easily perceived, received, and lived. 

Lean in and listen to what God is saying to you today. His gentle whisper is worth sifting through noisy wind, shaking ground, and blazing flames to hear. The wind does not always blow. The earth most often stands firm beneath our feet. Blazing flames eventually run out of tinder. God still speaks. He speaks most clearly to those who still themselves, adjust their attention, and listen, really listen. 

Are you listening? Really listening?

I will place myself in position to hear God’s gentle whisper day by day.

Our Father, please give me the patience to wait and the ears to hear what you are saying to me day by day. Empower me to sift through the winds of confusion, the shaking ground of current reality, and the blazing flames of a world on fire to hear what you are saying. Please give me a willing and obedient heart to do what you say. Amen.


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