Daily D – 1 Samuel 23:21

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1 Samuel 23:21  “The Lord bless you,” Saul said. “At last someone is concerned about me!” (NLT)

Dear Leader, if it is all about you, you’re doing it wrong. Leadership is stewardship. The focus belongs on those served by your position, not on being served by those subject to the demands of your ego.

How do you know when not to trust Presidents, Owners, Founders, CEOs, Executive Directors, and others in positional authority? When they frequently use words like I, Me, and Mine. Leaders who make everything all about them are bad news for everyone else. 

King Saul was all about himself. He sought to defend himself against all threats, including his son-in-law David and his son Jonathan. Neither of these two close relatives was a threat to the Head and Shoulders King. Neither of them wanted to kill him. David had a golden opportunity to do so and chose against taking the life of the Lord’s anointed. (See 1 Samuel 24.)

King Saul could have written and sung My Way ([https://genius.com/Frank-sinatra-my-way-lyrics]). David, the Shepherd King, wrote a few dozen other songs all about God’s Way. 

Whose praise songs do you sing today?

Whose praise will you sing today?

Whereas King Saul’s concern ego was employed in defending and protecting himself against relatives who were not threats, the Shepherd-Who-Would-Be-King was employed in defending and protecting the relative who was a threat to himself. Character matters at every level of leadership. 

Consider your position of leadership, even if the only leadership you provide is leading yourself. What kind of character do you display? Who is at the forefront of your leadership decisions? Who most benefits from those decisions?

If you lead like Jesus, your decisions will honor God and serve others every single time. This provides a nice filter for every leadership opportunity.

I will honor God and serve others with my decisions.

Our Father, please deliver me from the temptation to think everything is all about me. Empower me to lead like Jesus by addressing the needs of others in a manner that honors you and serves them. Amen. 


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