Daily D – 2 Chronicles 32:31

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2 Chronicles 32:31 
However, when ambassadors arrived from Babylon to ask about the remarkable events that had taken place in the land, God withdrew from Hezekiah in order to test him and to see what was really in his heart. (NLT)

And so in the matter of the envoys of the princes of Babylon, who had been sent to him to inquire about the sign that had been done in the land, God left him to himself, in order to test him and to know all that was in his heart. (ESV)

There are moments of decision that reveal far more of our character than we have ever displayed. Some of this is a surprise even to us. We see something of ourselves we regret and grieve because we are not quite as good as we thought.

We have all heard John Wooden’s famous quote, “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” We can apply this saying to our lives in more than one way. For example, It is who we become once we see who we really are that counts. 

Hezekiah’s life and leadership provide a masterclass in what to do and what not to. As good and strong and powerful and wealthy as he was, as good of a reformer as he proved himself to be, he failed his final test. There was a darkness within he was never able to remove from his life. 

There are some stains only God can remove. God will only remove them when he shows us what they are, and we agree with him regarding their severity. Then we must yield to his healing hands and apply his expertly-crafted remedy. 

The next time God seems distant, ask him what he is trying to show you. The next time he shows you what you have not faced up to, confessed, and allowed him to remove, ask him to apply the remedy you require. His perfect love will remove your darkest reality. His perfect light will illuminate your life.

I will ask God to remove the remaining darkness from my life.

Our Father, you know my hidden darkness. Only you can remove what I attempt to hide from myself. Illuminate my life with your gracious hand of healing. Amen. 


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