Daily D – 2 Chronicles 35:22-25

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2 Chronicles 35:22-25  After Josiah had finished restoring the Temple, King Neco of Egypt led his army up from Egypt to do battle at Carchemish on the Euphrates River, and Josiah and his army marched out to fight him. But King Neco sent messengers to Josiah with this message: “What do you want with me, king of Judah? I have no quarrel with you today! I am on my way to fight another nation, and God has told me to hurry! Do not interfere with God, who is with me, or he will destroy you.” But Josiah refused to listen to Neco, to whom God had indeed spoken, and he would not turn back. Instead, he disguised himself and led his army into battle on the plain of Megiddo. But the enemy archers hit King Josiah with their arrows and wounded him. He cried out to his men, “Take me from the battle, for I am badly wounded!” (NLT)

Heartbreaking hymns were penned unnecessarily. Songs of praise and thanksgiving could have been scored instead but for one little word with outsize consequences: Pride.

Josiah did almost everything right. However, pride led him where he did not belong and took him where he did not want to go. He failed because he confused God’s invincibility with his own capability. He expected God to bless him in whatever he did, a promise God never makes. His failure to seek God and to follow his directions cost him his life. 

The most important question we can ask in moments of decision is, “What does God say?” The most important action we can take is obedience to God’s will done God’s way in God’s timing. 

Josiah died earlier than he had to because of his pride.

The question must be asked: Where will your pride lead you today?

Let your pride serve as a reminder to go to God first, next, and last. Seek his will, way, and timing. Trust him to empower you for whatever he asks. Know your force of personality, your knowledge, and your wisdom never ever compare to God’s assessment and direction. Trust God from the bottom of your heart. Lead your heart to him in all things at all times.

Who is in the driver’s seat today? Who sets the GPS? 

Live with less lamentation. Let God be in charge of the journey and the pace.

I will sing more songs of praise and thanksgiving because I will follow God’s lead.

Our Father, where do you want me to go today? What do you want me to accomplish? Who will you have me serve? Whatever you ask, I say Yes. Amen.


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