Daily D – 2 Samuel 3:36

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2 Samuel 3:36  “This pleased the people very much. In fact, everything the king did pleased them!” (NLT)

Occasionally, a pitcher will throw a no-hitter, a batter will hit for the cycle, and a leader will please everyone. But only occasionally. Celebrate these moments. Consider what led to them. Give attention to what is repeatable. 

It is impossible to completely duplicate an opportune moment in time. What makes a moment special is the confluence of streams of readiness and timing only God could orchestrate. Some events cannot and will not repeat. 

Holy Week is like that, isn’t it? It began with a celebration fit for a king. It ended with the celebration of the King of Kings. Every moment along the way was evidence of God’s perfect timing. Each second ticked in sync with the heart of God. 

The new day dawning on Sunday headed a new week and a new way of thinking about days and weeks and seasons, about beginnings and endings, as the endless and limitless overflowing joy of that perfect moment crests again and again as life after life comes to a proper understanding of Jesus’ perfect solution to our every sin, failure, and loss. 

One brilliant moment unlocked a trillion more.

I will celebrate the King of Kings who does all things well.

Our Father, your timing and execution are perfect. Now and again, we get things right. Now and always, you do all things well. Thank you for reorienting our world toward the endless perfection to come. Amen. 


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