Daily D – Esther 5:9

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Esther 5:9  Haman was a happy man as he left the banquet! But when he saw Mordecai sitting at the palace gate, not standing up or trembling nervously before him, Haman became furious. (NLT)

Pride that demands others kneel is only a step or two removed from pride that kills. Sacrificing others to amplify an inflated ego does not enlarge a leader’s value. Instead, it diminishes leadership trust. Inspiring fear results in degraded degrees of loyalty and cooperation. 

Today is a Tuesday following a holiday focused on remembering. It was a day to recall the lessons of freedom. Self-rule will not work without self-discipline. Democracy dies when too many seek their own highest good without reverence or respect for the highest good of others. 

Those who want to rule the world and force compliance never mind enforcing their power with other people’s blood, sweat, and tears. Those who want to protect the world from evil incarnate take their stand to protect others. They give blood, toil, sweat, and tears (Thank you, Winston Churchill.) It’s a big job to reign in megalomaniacs. 

We enjoy the freedoms we do today because of those we brought to conscious awareness yesterday. 

True power is not found in making others tremble. True power inspires confidence and courage to act with responsibility and respect toward all people everywhere and to seek their highest good in all things at all times.

Follow leaders who inspire trust. Flee from leaders who demand obedience. 

I will work toward relationships of trust and inspiration.

Our Father, you alone deserve my full allegiance and obedience. You seek everyone’s highest good in all things at all times. Your perfect love drives out all fear. We remember how Jesus laid down his life for his friends. His death and resurrection secured our freedom to become all you ever dreamed we would be. Empower us today to reflect your character and to lead ourselves and others with integrity. Amen. 


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Daily D – Ezekiel 43:1-5

Ezekiel 43:1-5 He led me to the gate, the one that faces east, and I saw the glory of the God of Israel coming from the east. His voice sounded like the roar of a huge torrent, and the earth shone with his glory. The vision I saw was like the one I had seen when he came to destroy the city, and like the ones I had seen by the Chebar Canal. I fell facedown. The glory of the Lord entered the temple by way of the gate that faced east. Then the Spirit lifted me up and brought me to the inner court, and the glory of the Lord filled the temple.

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Psalm 40:6-8
You do not delight in sacrifice and offering;
you open my ears to listen.
You do not ask for a whole burnt offering or a sin offering. Then I said, “See, I have come;
in the scroll it is written about me.
I delight to do your will, my God,
and your instruction is deep within me.”

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