Daily D – Hosea 11:10

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Hosea 11:10
They will follow the Lord; 
he will roar like a lion. 
When he roars, 
his children will come trembling from the west. (CSB)

“For someday the people will follow me. 
I, the Lord, will roar like a lion. 
And when I roar, 
my people will return trembling from the west.” (NLT)

Something about a lion’s roar arrests the attention of all creatures near and far. This is what the website africanlions.net says about that roar:

The Lion’s Roar is characterized by its intensity and low frequency. It is a long, deep, and resonating sound that can be heard from miles away. Lions have a specialized larynx and vocal cords that allow them to produce such a powerful and far-reaching roar. This roar is unique to male lions, although female lions can also exhibit a softer version of the roar.

The lion’s roar is intense, long, deep, and resonant. It can be heard from miles away. 

C. S. Lewis gave us Aslan to help us understand this aspect of God’s nature. When God wants to be heard, he is impossible to ignore. When he calls us to himself, our wisest action is to follow him. When we come to him, we gain confidence because we belong to him. 

As Mr. and Mrs. Beaver said in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, he is not a tame lion. He is not safe. He is the King! Best of all, he is Good. 

There are days when we encounter God in the sound of a gentle blowing, or a still small voice. There are days when he roars. Sometimes we need to lean in to listen. Other days we need to brace ourselves. 

Is today a gentle day or a roaring day? Either way, know our Father in Heaven wants to deploy his voice to draw you to himself. He wants you to know his heart. He wants you to live securely under his protection and guidance. He wants you to live with courage and confidence that nothing will come into your life that he cannot handle. 

Listen for the still small voice. Brace yourself in case he roars. Smile to yourself whenever you remember you are never out of his care. 

I will listen for God’s whisper and brace myself for his roar.

Our Father, fire our imaginations with truths of your nature and power, your grace and goodness. Give us ears to hear what you are saying in the silence and in the battle. Thank you for encouraging us with your powerful presence. Amen. 


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