Daily D – Jeremiah 33:3

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Jeremiah 33:3  “Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come.” (NLT)

Here are three simple and powerful prayer lessons:

1. Ask God about your best next steps.
2. Ask God for what you need.
3. Ask God with the right motives.

The best next steps for the people of Judah and Jerusalem were exile, peaceful and productive living, and restoration. People can endure any What if they know the Why, you may have heard. God laid out the Why pretty clearly over a long period of time. He also declared a preferred future state far superior to anything they had known. He provided purpose and a promise. 

What are your best next steps? What does God’s purpose for your life look like? 

What do you need that you do not have? Clarify that what you call a need is truly a need. Then ask God to provide for you. Trust him to do so. Wait in expectation. Work in anticipation. Prepare for what’s next. 

A big part of getting what you ask for from God is motivation. Why are you seeking what you ask for? Is it to empower you for productive and effective living that honors God and serves others? Or is it to make you powerful and envied by others? 

Jesus taught his disciples to pray in his name (John 15:7, 16). This means we are to pray in full alignment with the ways of Jesus and full attunement with the heart of Jesus. We pray for his will to be done in his way in his timing. God empowers us to bear the fruit of mature discipleship and meaningful engagement in all of our relationships. 

Ask God now for your best next steps.
Ask God for what you need to continue on this journey.
Ask God with motives set on honoring him and building up others. 

I will pray in alignment and attunement with the will and ways of God.

Our Father, what are my best next steps as I begin this workweek? What do I need to accomplish your purpose? Who do you want me to encourage and equip? Amen. 


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