Daily D – Job 19:23-24

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Job 19:23, 24  “Oh, that my words could be recorded. Oh, that they could be inscribed on a monument, carved with an iron chisel and filled with lead, engraved forever in the rock.” (NLT)

Some of the most famous words of the twentieth century were written and spoken by Supreme Allied Commander Dwight David Eisenhower. The words he wrote accepting full blame should the D-Day invasion have failed are less well known, but every bit as powerful. 

What is the single most important statement you have written or spoken? What is the most serious truth you have communicated? How has it been preserved for others to consider and savor? 

Job had a thought, a conviction, that anchored his soul despite all the loss and pain he experienced. He wanted those words preserved for everyone for all time to know as personally as did he. 

Westminster Abbey has been in the news lately with the crowning of King Charles III. Not far away from where all the pomp and circumstance occurred is Poet’s Corner. In that corner is the monument to George Frederic Handel. His monument sets in marble what Job wanted us to know. ([https://bit.ly/3oP0Chn])

“But as for me, I know that my Redeemer lives, 
and he will stand upon the earth at last. 
And after my body has decayed, 
yet in my body I will see God! 
I will see him for myself. 
Yes, I will see him with my own eyes. 
I am overwhelmed at the thought!”

Sometimes famous last words are unique. Sometimes they are another’s words fitting for the moment. Long before Job spoke his last words, he spoke his most famous words. They are words of truth and life. They are words of enduring hope. They are words of reverent awe. 

What do you want everyone to know should they decide to lend you their ears or eyes long after you’ve gone? How can you say those words in a concise and memorable manner? 

What do you have to say that will outlive your life?

I will ponder words of truth and life so that they might shape all my thinking and speaking. 

Our Father, fill my mind with your truth, my mouth with your grace. May every memory of me lead others to you. Amen. 

I enjoy discovering new tools that help me better know and experience God. An acquaintance of mine recently shared a resource I have come to treasure. Lectio 365 is an app with Bible readings and prayers helping us prepare for the day morning by morning, and prepare for sleep evening by evening. You can find out everything you want to know about the app, the spiritual practices, and the people them at this web address: https://www.24-7prayer.com/resource/lectio-365/

The British accents and soothing music enhance the listenability. The simple instructions on how to relax in God’s presence are helpful.

Give it a shot. Try out some of the 24-7 Prayer group’s other resources.


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