Daily D – Job 31:38-40

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Job 31:38-40  
If my land cries out against me 
and its furrows join in weeping, 
if I have consumed its produce without payment 
or shown contempt for its tenants, 
then let thorns grow instead of wheat 
and stinkweed instead of barley. 
The words of Job are concluded. (CSB)

“The words of Job are concluded.”

What are we to do when there is nothing left to say? 

Job lived his story. His friends submitted their wisest orations. Job replied with pointed rebuttals. After all had been said, Job remained seated and undone. 

All the talking relieved none of his pain and loss. None of the talking changed anyone’s mind. The last state was as bad as the first. How could things get any worse? Be careful in what you ask. Young Mr. Know-It-All is on the way to set everyone straight. 

What do we do when there is nothing left to say? What do we do when we have poured out our hearts to God and confessed, repented, and scrutinized our every decision and action? 

We wait. 

We wait through long-winded speeches from well-meaning and possibly judgmental friends. 

We wait through the physical symptoms and their emotional toll. 

We wait through unanswered prayers. 

We wait and wait and wait.

Also, we hold on to truth we know to be truer than true. 

God is good. Always.

God redeems all he allows. Forever.

God’s timing is perfect. His response is overwhelming. Whatever we are waiting on falls from our concern when we see and experience God for who he is. 

Job was one of those rare leaders who finished well. He began by living as well as he knew how. He continued by living as faithfully as he could in light of his suffering. He finished by understanding and living in the reality that nothing is ever out of God’s care. He could trust God in every circumstance. 

What was left for Job to say? Job’s life was his lesson. What he lived before his suffering is also what he lived after it. His integrity, character, and trust said everything. 

Let’s finish well. We will do so not by trying to finish well but by living with integrity, character, and trust in God, who holds us in his loving hands. 

I will finish well.

Our Father, make me a man of integrity, character, and trust. Empower me to finish well by living well day by day. Amen. 


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