Daily D – Job 36:1-4

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Job 36:1-4  Elihu continued speaking: “Let me go on, and I will show you the truth. For I have not finished defending God! I will present profound arguments for the righteousness of my Creator. I am telling you nothing but the truth, for I am a man of great knowledge.” (NLT)

If someone has to convince you how intelligent or spiritual, or both, he is, maybe he’s not as accomplished as he thinks he is. Take care around powerful egos. They can be explosive. 

This is a good reminder today as the auxiliary meetings related to the Southern Baptist Convention begin here in New Orleans. It is helpful as I observe the goings on. It is also helpful in shaping what I choose to think, respond, and say. 

Since I slept through my alarm, I will count my lessons learned and prepare for the day. Elihu will be my guide for what not to do or say.

I will listen far more than I speak, and I will pray far more than I argue.

Our Father, thank you for Elihu’s role model regarding what not to do. Give me ears to hear what you say to me today. Give me a willing and obedient heart to do what you ask. Amen. 


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