Daily D – Joshua 24:32

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Joshua 24:32  The bones of Joseph, which the Israelites had brought along with them when they left Egypt, were buried at Shechem, in the plot of land Jacob had bought from the sons of Hamor for 100 pieces of silver. This land was located in the territory allotted to the descendants of Joseph. (NLT)

Ecclesiastes 3:20 tells us how we came from dust and how we return to dust. Preparing for our last full day in our mountain retreat surrounded by snow, and where it is seven degrees with skies bluing by the moment, there are things I would rather think about than death. 

Death is part of the journey, isn’t it? Joseph made his relatives promise they would take his bones home where he began, home where he belonged, when God came to their rescue one day (Genesis 50:22-26). Moses kept this promise as far as he was able (Exodus 13:19). Joshua continued the expedition. Joseph – dreamer, betrayed brother, slave, prisoner, ruler – returned home to his father and their family. 

Genesis 50 and Joshua 24 are stories of many partings. They are also stories of regatherings. Some stories come to an end. Others begin. God’s promises came true, every one of them (Joshua 23:14). Israel’s opportunities were as bright as God’s promises and as cloudy as his people’s inability to stay faithful for more than a generation or two. 

In the next room lies a wee little wonder all of seven months old. She is full of smiles and cuddles and laughter. She offers hope for a more wonderful, beautiful world just as the sunrise over snow in a cloudless sky on a frigid day promises opportunities for more adventures before our journey home tomorrow.

Tomorrows, todays, and yesterdays are connected by smiles, and miles, and memories. Destiny is no mere concept. It provides meaning and purpose. Memory likewise provides standing and perspective.

What does the world look like for you today? What will it look like tomorrow? What will it look like forever after? The scheduled appointments and abundant free space of this day offer awe, wonder, and delight. It is time to make this day count. 

I will lean into the destiny of this day. 

Our Father, history – your story – is leading to something big, something bigger than we can imagine or hope. Empower us to live our moments to the full. Enrich our lives so that they may overflow with your goodness and bring honor to your name. Amen. 


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