Daily D – Judges 19:1

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Judges 19:1  Now in those days Israel had no king. There was a man from the tribe of Levi living in a remote area of the hill country of Ephraim. One day he brought home a woman from Bethlehem in Judah to be his concubine. (NLT)

No rules, just right may be a clever advertising campaign connecting with the self-determination of our age, but it is a terrible way to attempt to live in community with others. This chapter shows us what a no rules, just right worldview produces, and it ain’t pretty.

How many wrongs can you count in Judges 19-21?

Can you imagine living in such a time?

Beware picking up a newspaper today if they still print them. Be careful about clicking on your favorite news app. The stories sound more and more like the Book of Judges. 

Here are some thoughts worth pondering: What can we do to build a better, safer, more life-affirming world? What has God provided us to make this possible? What are we waiting for?

I will join God in building a better world.

Our Father, I volunteer to join you in building a better world. Take out the giants. Rub out injustice. Deliver the innocent and the vulnerable from evil. Use me in whatever way you see fit to extend your kingdom rule and reign. Amen. 


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