Daily D – Luke 9:46

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Luke 9:46  Then his disciples began arguing about which of them was the greatest. (NLT)

It’s hard to think about the needs of others when we are obsessed with building our own platforms. Plotting our way toward the next million has a way of drowning out the voices who would like to have a next meal. 

Scroll back to the top of Luke 9. Jesus gave the Twelve power and authority to complete an assignment. Jesus fed five thousand. Jesus was transfigured before his three closest disciples. Jesus healed a demonized boy. People were properly in awe of Jesus. And here in this context, his disciples argued about who was the greatest. 


Seeing true greatness and the majestic power and presence of God was somehow not enough for those closest to Jesus to figure out the focus belonged on him and on those who came to seek and save and not on themselves. 

In the movie, While You Were Sleeping, a robust discussion takes place about greatness among actors. “All the great ones were tall,” one of the characters says with finality and authority. 

Jesus said all the great ones were, and are, small. His exact quote is this: “Whoever is the least among you is the greatest,” (verse 49). 

Someone will treat you like you are a nobody. You will be offended. You will have a choice. You can let that person know just how big and important you are, or you can remember this is a person Jesus came to seek and to save. You will remember how he invites you to join him in this journey and this opportunity to offer his gift of eternal life. 

It is impossible to be a Big Shot when we walk with Jesus seeing him for who he is and joining him in his mission of saving, delivering, and healing.

I will walk with Jesus confident in who he is and attentive those he wants to save. 

Our Father, forgive me for making life all about my comfort, my pleasure, my reputation. Remind me as often as necessary how I stand tallest when I kneel to serve. Amen. 


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