Daily D – Micah 4:5

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Micah 4:5 
Though all the peoples walk in the name of their own gods, we will walk in the name of the Lord our God forever and ever. (CSB)

Though the nations around us follow their idols, we will follow the Lord our God forever and ever. (NLT)

A guy in traffic wanted to make a last-moment merge. The construction signs and flashing lights had been warning us three lanes were narrowing to two. Cheaters flew around those of us with good sense and well-honed morals, and this guy wanted to poke the nose of his stylish ride in front of mine while narrowly avoiding a three-car collision.

While your blood boils and you rehearse your response, let us consider the variables of the state of play. Kindness dictates our best lead measure as offering the spot in front of us even though the other person is completely selfish. 

Pettiness notes the team emblem on the back of the other car and wants to ram it, accidentally of course. We even make up a story in our minds regarding how the other car jammed itself into too small a space going far too fast. 

When our hearts stop racing, and our anger subsides, we turn to prayer. 

A) Please forgive me for my anger.
B) Please keep that guy from harming himself or anyone else.
C) Draw his heart to your own.
D) Empower him to live a more responsible life. 
E) Again, please forgive me for still wanting to run over him.

I get a lot of prayer done while driving. 

Updating today’s Bible verse for situations like this, we can say, “Though all the peoples drive like their lifeless and brainless gods, we will drive in the name of the Lord our God forever and ever.” This means we will have to choose kindness rather than collision as often as possible. 

Following God is like that. It leads to fewer confrontations and less complications. It enhances peace and unties knots. It shifts our perspective from aggrieved participants to forgiven and forgiving followers. It probably means we’ll live longer also. And better. And happier. 

We could even invent stories about the guy with the fast car and quick reflexes who is on the way not to irritate me but to save someone’s life, or to feed his puppy, or escape the other guy in the Truck Too Big for Public Thoroughfares Who Is Also Driving Too Fast and Attempting to Push His Four Thousand Pounds of Metal Between a Kia and a Toyota Emphasis on Toy.

If you ever see me laugh out loud for no reason, know that, yes, I do think funny thoughts like this from time to time. Feel free to join me. It’s better than having to say, “I’m sorry, Officer, he came out of nowhere. Honest.”

I will drive with kindness and learn to laugh at life’s little irritations.

Our Father, make me kinder, especially in traffic. Give me a light heart and an easy laugh, especially in traffic. Teach me to pray, especially in traffic. Amen. 


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