Daily D – Proverbs 19:2

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Proverbs 19:2 
Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good; haste makes mistakes. (NLT)

Ignorant zeal is worthless; haste makes waste. (MSG)

This is a good verse for the surgical team today. I want them to take their time and do their best work. I want them focused and precise. 

Who else in our lives do we want to live and lead with focus and precision? 

It would be really easy to start pointing metaphorical fingers here. As always, however, before we critique others, it does us well to consider ourselves. What do these simple instructions, focused and precise, say to me?

  • Where do I need more self-discipline? 
  • What do I need to learn before beginning?
  • What do I rush rather than follow procedure?
  • What essentials require more focused attention?

The surgeon today is a focused, precise, and pleasant man. His attention to detail gives me confidence. He listens carefully to my questions, answers completely without extraneous detail, and asks if I have more questions. He then takes the necessary immediate next steps. I need to be more like him in certain areas of my life. 

How about you? Where could you benefit from turning enthusiasm into focus and urgency into precision?

I will give urgent matters focus and precision. 

Our Father, please empower me to live with focus and precision in all urgent matters. Remind me as often as necessary not to rush essentials. Amen. 


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