Daily D – Proverbs 30:5

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Proverbs 30:5  Every word of God proves true. He is a shield to all who come to him for protection. (NLT)

A well-known magazine widely considered a thought leader with its long-form essays and elegant styling recently carried an article about a disastrous policy that has wrecked an entire region. While the vast majority of people, including those who voted for the policy leading to the disaster, want the policy repealed, others want to give it a chance to work. 

This means more four-year-olds will die unnecessarily. More adults will succumb to forces far beyond their control. More people will double down on the argument that all things are permissible. Far too few will speak the truth in love and declare how not all things are profitable, beneficial, or welcome.

We still are our brother’s keeper. We still bear the blame if we could prevent his death and do not. Sin still crouches at our door. We dare not open the door and let it in. Once inside, it ruins lives, destroys families, and damages communities. 

Addiction has its cures. Let’s find them and employ them as widely as possible. Also, let’s prevent them as broadly as necessary. Pick up both ends of this stick. 

There is hope for everyone. There is a future for those who seek God and discover life that is really life. Truth liberates. It makes life bigger, broader, and better. Sin encroaches. It hems in. It limits. It destroys as patiently as required and as quickly as allowed. 

Know the truth and how it sets you free. (See John 8:31, 32. See also John 14:1-6.) Jesus is Truth and Life. He is the Way. God’s Word (John 1:1-3) is full of grace and truth (1:17). 

Today is a good day to celebrate God’s Truth. It is a good day to embrace it and allow it to enlarge our lives. 

I will build my life on God’s truth which is full of direction, grace, and truth.

Our Father, the Way is yours; lead me into it. The Truth is yours; shape my heart and mind with it. The Life is yours; empower me to live it. Amen.


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