Daily D – Proverbs 8:20

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Proverbs 8:20  “I walk in righteousness, in paths of justice.” (NLT)

Proverbs 8:32  “And so, my children, listen to me, for all who follow my ways are joyful.” (NLT)

I love Saturday mornings. We are enjoying fresh-ground Kona coffee. Millie the Black Dog allowed me to sleep until 6:30. Ollie the Border Collie awaited my bride’s awakening before demanding a game of Upball. The mowers in the neighborhood waited until 8 AM to begin their work. 

This is a good day. 

We get to travel later to Florida to celebrate our older granddaughter’s fourth birthday. Her blonde curls accentuate the rays on sunny days. Her smile illuminates every space she enters. Her energy is practically boundless.

Our flight is delayed. This is fine. We are in no rush. Our schedule is flexible. Our dinner reservation is flexible enough to await our arrival. 

What could make this day better? The same thing that makes every day better. Wise living provides a path of righteousness, justice, and joy. Proverbs 1 offered a promise to provide lives full of what is right, just, and fair. Proverbs 8 and 9 personify and amplify this offer. 

Life works better when we seek, find, and deploy God’s wisdom. He always leads along the right paths. (See Psalm 23:3.)

God’s wisdom leads to effective lives building families and communities shaped by what is right, just, and fair. 

God’s wise next steps lead to joyful journeys for all who follow them. 

Whatever you want more of or less of is probably found, procured, and applied when you discover God’s wisdom. 

Saturday is a good day to seek God’s wisdom and to live what we discover. 

I will live what I learn from God’s words of wisdom.

Our Father, lead along the right paths today. Empower me to live justly and joyfully. Use me to apply your character to every conversation and connection. Amen. 


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