Daily D – Psalm 102:11

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Psalm 102:11  My life passes as swiftly as the evening shadows. I am withering away like grass. (NLT)

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Gee, thanks for this truly heartwarming verse from the Psalms. You’ve made my day a wee bit brighter.” 


The sun’s rays arrived in advance of his glory this morning. His first peek above the horizon sent illumination to the clouds on the other side of the island slope to our north. Clouds nearer to me were shaded dark gray. Those on the other side of the hill glowed deep orange, purple, and pink. 

And so it is day by day. My life may pass as swiftly as the evening shadows. I may wither away like grass. But take a look at this verse found just down the page:

But you are always the same; you will live forever.
Verse 27

My transient nature meets God’s everlasting glory, joy, and strength. I will pass away. He will endure forever. The years he has created have in no way diminished his nature. He who breathed all creation in to existence, who shaped humans from the dust from the floor of his shop, still breathes life, still bears light, still endures forever. 

Because he lives, we too shall live. 

Because he is in charge here, we can give up our need to control people, places, and things.

Because we belong to him, we have full assurance that our withering selves will experience unwithering and unending delight in his potent presence forever and ever. This truth makes a shorter, slower stride bearable. 

The light of a new day has dawned. It bears the promise of That Day, the Day of All Days, when all of God’s glory and goodness will be fully revealed to those who know and love him, who are known and loved by him.

This is a good day to ponder something beautiful, something good instead of our aches, pains, and irritations. 

I will sing to the LORD a song of praise.

Our Father, your colors and shapes of remarkable array tell of your goodness no canvas could display. At best, we can only imitate a moment in time with our finest strokes. You create masterpieces in every moment with light and shadow, hue and essence, place and time. How could we not praise you? I will praise you now and forever. Amen. 


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