Daily D – Psalm 33:15

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Psalm 33:15 
He made their hearts, so he understands everything they do.. (NLT)

He has shaped each person in turn;
now he watches everything we do. (MSG)

We are often tempted to believe nobody understands us. Nobody appreciates our wisdom. Nobody feels our pain. Nobody comprehends our struggles. Nobody helps us with our troubles. This is a good time to remember this verse because it reminds us to trust the Lord our God our Maker.

A friend of mine has a tattoo declaring, “He knows.” He does. He really does.

Inventory your life real quick. What’s the big issue you are dealing with today? Where do you need help that is really help? 

Take that issue to God in prayer. He knows. He really does. He has perspective you require. He has resources you need. He loves you with an everlasting love. He seeks your highest and best. Trust him and tell him so. 

I will trust God who watches over me and knows me better than I know myself. 

Our Father, you know everything that makes my heart beat faster. You know everything that raises my blood pressure. You know all the challenges I face better than I do. You know what I need now. I need you. I trust that you see me. I trust that you will provide for me. I trust that you will deliver me through the heart-pounding moments of this day as you have delivered me every day so far. I trust your plan for me is better than anything I could plan for myself. I trust you to make it possible for me to breathe easier, perform better, and to choose the right thing the right way in the right timing no matter the outcome. Amen.


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