Daily D – Psalm 52:8-9

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Psalm 52:8, 9  ”But I am like a flourishing olive tree in the house of God; I trust in God’s faithful love forever and ever. I will praise you forever for what you have done. In the presence of your faithful people, I will put my hope in your name, for it is good.“ (CSB)

Outsiders who crave insider status don’t mind a little betrayal to get things going. Treachery is their right hand, and lies are their left. How sad they do not use their eyes to see how the destruction they devise ultimately consumes them.

Doeg the Edomite was a low-level functionary, a wanna-be somebody, who saw an opportunity to turn David Before He Was King into political roadkill. (See 1 Samuel 21 and 22 for the rest of his sorry story.) This would ensure a measure of esteem from King Saul and his court. And so this outsider, a man from one of Israel’s distant relations and frequent adversaries, paved his golden path by sticking it to the Kid Who Would Be King. 

Good luck with that. 

I wonder if Doeg thought (and autocorrect really does not care for the name Doeg. It changes it to Doug and Does and makes me re-change it every single time I type it.) about the fact that Young David was appointed and approved by God? I wonder if he considered who he was up against. I wonder if he checked David’s equipment for slings, stones, and swords before he started pushing buttons.

David dismisses Doeg, not Doug, in seven verses. David takes only two verses to compare and contrast himself with Doe Egg. (See above.)

Doe Egg is about to be uprooted (verse 5). David is a flourishing olive tree (verse 8). 

Doe Egg will not make God his refuge but trusted instead in his ill-gotten gain (verse 7). David trusted in God’s faithful love forever and ever (verse 8). 

Doe Egg turned his observations into cash (verse 7). David turned his problems into praise (verse 9).

Guess who won the applause of heaven and a starring role in the biggest book in the Bible? 

Guess who people talk about and type about without having to correct autocorrect?

Why do we know all about David? The heart of his personality and relationship with God is on full display. He praised God always. He trusted God in everything and for everything. His hope was in God’s name, nature, character, guidance, and provision. He discovered early and often how good God is all the time. 

Instead of treachery to get ahead, David trusted God. That quite literally got him a head in his battle with Goliath. It also pushed him past the unstable sovereign Saul, who always looked down on David, and only because he was taller. 

Every life has a Doe Egg and a man with unearned characteristics who thinks he is bigger than the rules. Trust God to deal with them in his time and in his way. Keep moving in the direction he points you. He will keep his hand upon you. He will direct your steps. He will provide what you need when you need it. One of these days, you might write a poem or song about it. Others may sing it for a thousand years. 

I will praise God because he is good now and always. 

Our Father, Doe Egg and Saul the Tall tried to impede David’s progress. Thank you for telling us of David’s struggles before and after becoming king. Thank you for leading him to keep a journal, write poetry, sing songs, and lead others as you led him. Thank you for confronting him, correcting him, and restoring him. Thank you for so many songs of praise and thanksgiving. Thank you for a life that cast a far longer shadow than his taller predecessor. Amen. 


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