Daily D – Psalm 59:16-17

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Psalm 59:16, 17  
”But I will sing of your strength 
and will joyfully proclaim your faithful love in the morning. 
For you have been a stronghold for me, 
a refuge in my day of trouble. 
To you, my strength, I sing praises, 
because God is my stronghold — my faithful God.“ (CSB)

David Before He Was King, and for that matter, David While He Was King, had lots of problems. Some people love a youngster of derring-do. Others are offended. While the fans sang the New Guy’s praises, the jealous and hateful dreamed up pathways to extinguish his illumination.

After the Goliath incident, it seems like most of David’s problems were with people on his side. His father-in-law wanted him dead. He repeatedly tried to kill David. He hunted David relentlessly. He sent people after him again and again. 

David figured out early on his survival was not about his prowess as a warrior or his cunning as a tactician. His survival was about God’s purpose and provision. It was God’s strength stopping the enemies. It was God’s faithful love keeping David alive. It was God who provided peaceful sleep and safe harbor. It was God who was his refuge and strength. 

Since he lived in the grip of God’s grace, he did what any joyful soul will do: He sang. He sang God’s praises. He sang about God’s faithful, loyal, perfect love, the love that protects and defends, guides and provides. 

Your song may sound like mine. It may come out like a croak, a groan, a whine, or like someone sharpening metal, but when lifted to honor God and to declare his praise, well, it sounds like heaven in heaven. 

You may have troubles aplenty like David of Old. May you lean into David’s refuge, his stronghold, his faithful God. 

I will sing God’s praise because his purpose will prevail.

Our Father, I have problems. More than that, you have me. Your purpose will prevail. How could I not sing your praise? How could I not live with gratitude? Amen. 


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