Daily D – Psalm 62:1-2

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Psalm 62:1, 2  “I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken.” (NLT)

College football is more fun than professional football. Collegians embody more energy and excitement than their professional peers. The pros have to work up a frenzy for themselves and their teammates before games. Collegiate athletes more naturally express their excitement and feel their butterflies. 

Why are the pros less energetic? They have been there, done that, and have seen their superior athleticism become a commodity. Football was fun and games once upon a time. Now it’s a job. College players can enjoy the pageantry, the crowds, the bands, the cheerleaders, and the special days and places associated with college game days. Professionals hope to play long enough to earn enough to make it to the end with something left to spare. 

Professionals play on bigger stages. Their shows are more controlled. Winning is still fun, but it is a much more serious endeavor. Careers are short for most players. An injury may well remove opportunities for bigger contracts and broader success. Professionals bear dispositions more settled and focused. 

King David was a pro’s pro. He starred on the collegiate stage where he was the best ever. His influence grew as his victories multiplied. Then after a particularly long and grueling season where he was pursued outside the rules in every match, he finally ascended the throne. It was a joyous season, until it was not. 

Once you make it to the top of the mountain, many others want to knock you off and take your place. King David at the top of the mountain no longer stood with a giant’s sword and the head he severed with it. The sword was heavier now. The opponents were not so mighty, but it felt like they were lined up for miles. 

How did David proceed under such circumstances? Psalm 62:1, 2 declares his settled disposition:

“I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him.
He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken.”

King David remembered David the Shepherd Boy. He recalled his pathway to glory with its fading pennants and dusty trophies. Winning daily is much more challenging than winning the day. Singing happy songs stimulates a mood for a moment. Reciting truth settles a wearied and anxious heart. 

An aging warrior, an enduring king, a mortal soul walking a path he knew had a definite end, David saw what we need to see: Victory, life, and security are found in God alone. 

There comes a time to drop our stones, to shelve our weapons, and to seat ourselves while others daringly do. 

There comes a time to know The End is Coming and to play every day to win victories appearing small and unimportant to outsiders yet vital and increasingly large to those closest to us.

On those days, we can say with an aging king on his way down the hill, “I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken.”

I will wait quietly before God.

Our Father, the opportunities for victory before me look much different than those behind me. Sitting here with less energy and increasing challenges, I join King David in prayer. “I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken.” Amen. 


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