Daily D – Psalm 65:8

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Psalm 65:8
Those who live at the ends of the earth stand in awe of your wonders. 
From where the sun rises to where it sets, you inspire shouts of joy. (NLT)

It is wise to arise early here on this enchanting island. The sun comes up earlier than in Fort Worth. It also lays itself down to rest in similar manner. Each occasion is worth the wait. 

Our eleven-month-old granddaughter joined me around 5:20 this morning. We sat on the balcony and watched the moon say its farewell as the sun was expressing his good morning and good day. Lucy and I loved the show. 

We observed the morning birds, small outboards adding new lines and angles on the glassy surface, and the early crew of joggers and walkers. We listened to birds sing and bees buzz. We watched the golf course crew ready the greens and the sand traps for the day. 

A little bit of heaven on earth came to life as Lucy held my hand.

This may be our best vacation yet. 

The text above came not from my daily Bible reading but from Lectio 365 this morning. I was listening to it as the moon sat and the sun rose. Ten hours before, the luminaries’ roles were switched. The big, yellow moon peeked over the mountain and sat on it ever so briefly as it began its rule of the nighttime. The sun extinguished itself at the curve of the earth and its deep ocean hues. Shouting would not have been welcome among our neighbors, but internal exclamations were practiced broadly.

This is a good place to stand in awe of God’s wonders. 

One of Steven Curtis Chapman’s songs includes the words, “Stand in awe and be amazed.” May this be true for you wherever you plant your feet today.

I will stand in awe and be amazed at all the wonders of God’s good earth.

Our Father, I am in awe of your creativity. Your beautiful thoughts became life-giving words which turned into endless splendor of earth, sea, and sky. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy your wonders. Amen. 


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