Daily D – Psalm 5:3

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Psalm 5:3  In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.

Some things are worth waiting for. Others are not. 

Our son’s birthday is at the end of January. We ordered a particular collector’s item he wanted. Months later now, it still has not arrived. Attempts to contact the supplier have gone unanswered. It’s time to find a different vendor. 

My bride’s birthday was more recent. The gift we purchased for her is definitely worth the wait. However, we are still waiting. The supplier provided a reason for the delay and assurance of delivery. Our nemesis named COVID disrupted things. 

What are you waiting for?

Three leaders have told me in the last couple of weeks meaningful realities they await. All three would like to receive word today regarding their next steps. They have been in this posture for a while. Today, tomorrow, and the next day may well mean more waiting, more watching, more earnest expectations. 

Waiting seasons are seasons of preparation. 

Years ago, a time of transition loomed in our lives. It approached steadily and slowly. Certain changes were required before the hour of transition arrived. This became clearer and clearer as time passed. While the wait wore on, so did a sharpening of skills and a deepening of knowledge. We sought wise counsel.

If you consider putting your house on the market, there are likely some things you want to do to make your home more inviting to potential buyers. You know where things need sprucing up. You know what requires repair. 

While you wait on what’s next, what do you need to spruce up or repair in your life? What skills do you need to sharpen? What knowledge and wisdom will prepare you to take your best next steps? What is your growth plan for this interim season? 

Our Father in heaven is never in a hurry. His best gifts and guidance cannot be rushed. Seasons of waiting feel like they last forever. These seasons season us, they prepare us, they deepen us if we allow them to do so. God’s perfect timing and placement are worth the wait. 

Get up and get going in your prayers for what’s next. Then, as you wait, work. Work and pray. Work and pray and wait. Know the depth of your longing will be more than matched by God’s good gifts sometime sooner than you may think, but not as soon as you may prefer. Some years from now, you may look back on this time of deep desire and fondly recall it as one of the most meaningful times of your life. You will see much more clearly how God stretched you and strengthened you for what happened next.

Some things are worth the wait.
What are you waiting for?
How are you preparing for what is next?

I will wait when it is time to wait.

Our Father, you are worth the wait. Your perfect timing is worth the wait. Your perfect placement is worth the wait. Your good gifts in the interim are worth the wait. When you declare a time to wait, I will wait. While I wait, I will seek your instruction and direction. I will seek your strength and wisdom. I will learn the blessings of an unhurried life. Amen. 


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